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Please donate to the tree-sitters to help avoid jail time

Please help the folks who did the tree-sit last summer pay their fines to avoid jail time. All money collected will go directly to pay these fines. To learn more about the tree sit please visit protect the peaks and also AZ Republic

Donations Needed to Avoid Jail Time

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Hopi vs City of Flagstaff

“The health and safety of the Hopi people is indistinguishable from the health and safety of the environment -- protection of the environment on the San Francisco Peaks is central to the Tribe’s existence."

- Hopi Tribe Chairman Leroy Shingoitewa

 Here is a link to download a pdf of the Complaint the Hopi filed on August 19, 2011

The lawsuit states that the City’s contract to sell 1.5 million gallons of reclaimed wastewater per day to Snowbowl is illegal because it violates several Arizona laws that govern the proper use of reclaimed wastewater.